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Christmas Gifts for men from Small Businesses

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Christmas is just around the corner and this year we've teamed up with 12 Small Businesses to bring you Christmas Gifts for men options you won't find anywhere else! We were really keen to support other Small Businesses after the challenging year that we've all had. We caught up with one of our Christmas Gifting collaborators 'We are feel good inc'. Managing Director Jake tells us all about how they started and what are the ethos of their small business. 


Christmas Gifts for men


Give us a little intro about yourself - the person / people and mind/s behind the brand! I’m Jake Paterson an ex professional Surfer that lives in one of the best places in the world Dunsborough. My family we holidaying  in the mid North West of WA with a couple of other families from South West and idea was born around a fire place and a few drinks. A Surfer , A skin Doctor, and a Builder.

Christmas Gifts for men - Small business

What is your favourtie product so far? Hard to say, I have a bald head so I love our Sensitive sunscreen for the top of my head, and our Sticky Zinc in the surf is the best.

What is your favourite thing about being an Australian/local brand? Just super proud that we made it all happen, it wasn’t just an idea around a camp fire that went up in smoke. We live in a small town in one of the most remote states in the world and we have grown a company that should be global in the next couple of years.


Christmas Gifts for Men


What challenges/achievements have you faced in the quest to improve your ethical, environmental and sustainability practices? If you have ever started a company from scratch you know it isn’t easy, the rules and regulations that come with making sunscreen is crazy, each country has different rules.. What i’m most happy about is our recycling program that our team has come up with, we have teamed up with Precious plastics and have about 50 stores so far and growing to drop your used bottles back and we get them recycled.

What does community mean to you? Living in a small town community is super cool, everyone kinda knows everyone, first name bases with the postman kinda thing.. If something big happens in town everyone knows about it, cool to have a brand that people love in town and see in places that they visit and tell you about where they have seen it.. 

What made you want to collaborate with Peggy and Finn this Christmas? Peggy and Finn are kinda left field like us and I love that.. 

Christmas Gifts for Men

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about this small business. You can shop the 'Outdoorsy Guy Gift Set' featuring 50+ sunscreen from the 'We are feel good inc'.

See our full range of Christmas gifts for men here.


Peggy and Finn x

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