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We know you guys love to see how our products are worn, so we’d love to share with you a series of Real Weddings on our blog. Because we love our couples! You can also follow our hashtag on Instagram #peggyandfinnweddings where we tag all our couples daily.

First up in our Real Weddings series is Beau + Liz. The best tip you can get from this wedding is how Liz has matched the Bridesmaids dresses to the Groomsmens Ties.

Photography by Folk + Follow




Beau choose the Protea Navy Neck Tie. This tie has quite a few colours in it so it works with lots of different combinations. It’s made up of Khaki, White, Red, Pink, Navy, Orange and Purple. You can see how you pick up the pink in the dress and the ties when the bridal party are all together. Just magic! P.S Check out the guy on the Bride’s side, how great is his little handmade bow tie and those linen pants!. We’re told he sewed this himself!



The Groom ‘Beau’ also wore the Protea Navy Neck Tie to match his groomsmen. The Groom and Groomsmen matched the ties back to a medium blue suit and they chose a simple boutonnière not to take any attention away from the Neck Tie but to compliment the Bride and Bridesmaids. This beautiful combination looks great against the natural setting of their ceremony.




See the entire Protea Navy collection here.

Also check out our Gift Boxes because you can make your own Gift Box with combinations of Ties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares, Tiebars, Cufflinks and Socks. They come in a wooden box or a recycle cardboard box. The choice is yours – all to match or complimentary colours, so you choose! They are perfect for the Groom or Groomsmen and make a great keepsake.

If you need help choosing something for your big day our staff are happy to help. Just get in contact here.

We love this outdoor wedding so we hope you enjoyed the first of our Real Wedding Series.


Peggy and Finn

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