11 Ways to style your Bridal Party

11 Ways to style your Bridal Party

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11 Ways to style your Bridal Party

We've put together some of our favourite Bridesmaid Dress and Groomsmen outfit combos to help you style your Bridal Party. Gone are the days of traditional bridal parties. Choose something that reflects your style, your surroundings or your favourite colour palette.

1. Copper Bridesmaid Dress + Grass Tree Black Bow Tie

2. Champagne Dress + Grass Tree Nude Tie
Bridal party colours
3. Blush Pink Dress + Flowering Gum Bow Tie 
Blush Pink Bridesmaid Dress
4. Olive Green Dress + Banksia Grey Tie
Olive Green Dress
5. Rose pink Dress + Wildflower Rose Tie
Rose Pink Bridesmaid Dresses
6. Navy Dress + Protea Navy Bow Tie
Navy Bridesmaid Dress
7. Red Dress + Protea Navy Tie
 Red bridesmaid dress
8. Sage Green Dress + Kangaroo Paw Black Bow Tie
Sage Green Bridesmaid Dress
9. Burnt Orange Dress + Protea Green Tie
Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dress
10. Burgundy Dress + Protea Burgundy Bow Tie
Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress
11. Mocha Dress + Grass Tree Nude Bow Tie
Brown Bridesmaid Dress
We hope you enjoyed our favourite colour combos. If you'd like some help matching your Wedding outfits please contact our stylist via email - hello@peggyandfinn.com.au 
Want some Real Wedding inspo? Head to our Real Weddings section of our website here.

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