Wedding Trend Colours of 2021/2022

Wedding Trend Colours of 2021/2022

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Wedding Trend Colours of 2021/2022

Sage, Burnt Orange, Forest, Mocha, Rust and Nude. Get used of hearing and seeing these colours as they are here to stay! It can be overwhelming when it comes to pulling all the elements together for your wedding day. My tip - Make sure the colour palette carries through your entire day! The Groomsmen, The Bridesmaids, The Flowers, The Invitations and The Wedding venue styling.

A consistent colour theme is essential for your Wedding day!

Wedding Trend Colours
We've pulled together some mood boards to help you carry that colour theme through your entire day. 
Nude Wedding Moodboard
or some times referred to as Champagne is a Classic Wedding colour. We have just release our Wedding Tie - Grass Tree Nude which goes perfectly with this colour palette. It also has hints of Rust, Burnt Orange and Mocha  complementing the Nude Base Colour. But how gorgeous is this Nude wedding cake? Is this your favourite Wedding Trend Colours of 2021?
Burnt Orange Wedding Colours
Burnt Orange.
Well this one has been around for a while now and we are loving seeing our customers use this colour. It looks gorgeous as a Bridesmaid dress or used as an accent colour in the Grooms outfit. Our favourite combo is the Kangaroo Paw Burnt Orange Bow Tie paired backed with a Forest Green Jacket. 
Rust Coloured Wedding
This is a beautiful accent colours. A little darker than Burnt Orange and a little brighter than Mocha. We love this for an outdoor wedding. It always pair back well with Black, Burnt Orange and Nude. It's a very earthy colours. It kinda reminds me of Uluru! Our pick for this combo is the Grass Tree Black Tie.
Sage Wedding theme
We love Sage Green. It's an upgrade on your classic Black and White. We just love this couple Kim & Connor who wore the Kangaroo Paw Black Tie with the Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses. We also can't go past that Sage Green cake with a touch of gold, so elegant.
Forest Green Wedding
Ahhh Forest Green. An absolute favourite colour palette. This may be my favourite Wedding Colours of 2021. The Protea Green Print has been a very popular choice since we introduced it to our range last year. Forest Green is a great colour for that woodsy outdoor wedding! We hope you enjoy this mood board of inspiration.
Brown Wedding Colours
I know what you're thinking, it's not my go to colour, but wait just give it a chance! We love it here Jared & Dan's elopement. C'mon how good is that jacket!!! We love how they both had Peggy and Finn Bow Ties in different prints. So give it a try, compliment this with Black, Rust & Nude.
So that's our wrap up of Wedding Trend Colours of 2021. We hope you found this useful! 
You can see our full range of Wedding accessories here.
Also if you're looking for Wedding inspiration check out our Real Wedding page.
Happy Wedding Planning.
Team Peggy and Finn x

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