Mother's Day Gifting I Meet the Maker

Mother's Day Gifting I Meet the Maker

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Mother's Day Gifting I Meet the Maker

Meet MJ, The Founder and Tea expert of Natiive Ciircles! We've teamed up with local small business women MJ this Mother's Day to curate the 'Relaxation Gift Set' for Mum which features the 'Flower Power' tea from Natiive Ciircles and a copper heart tea infuser plus your choice of Peggy and Finn Underwear.

Tea Expert

We caught up with MJ to talk all things Tea and Natiive Ciircles

Why did you start your business Natiive Circles?

I planted the seed for Native Circles in hopes that I would have the opportuni~tea to share the journey of tea within my local community. As we continue to grow, I’d love to showcase a different variety of tea ceremonies & highlight the importance of a more mindful tea experience.

Tell us about the Flower Power Tea, what are the ingredients and what makes it special?
Our secret garden blend ‘Flower Power’ is handcrafted with some of our favourite floral botanicals. Mixed with dried chamomile, lavender, rose & hibiscus our gorgeous pink potion will lift your spirits with its powerful fragrant bouquet.

Flower Power Tea

Why will Mum’s love your tea?
Herbal tea is a comforting & wholesome beverage, it is known to be an alternative form of therapy which offers a moment of contemplation & relaxation. We believe, it will bring peace, love & harmony into your daily lives ~ So treat your mum with a thoughtful gift this mothers day & send her a jar of healing flowers.

Mother's Day Gifting

What’s the best method for brewing the tea?
Great Question! 
This herbal - tea is so versatile, it can be enjoyed both hot & cold. 
For a relaxing & therapeutic experience steep 2 teaspoons of  flowers in a 250mL teapot or a heatproof brewing device for 4 minutes.
If you fancy something a little more refreshing & chilled, try steeping the floral blend in a teapot or heatproof brewing device with just enough hot water to infuse the flowers, steep for 4 minutes then top up with cold filtered water. Place teapot or brewing device in the fridge & steep cold brew for up to 8-10hrs 
Next day, strain and bottle. Serve with ice or dilute for preference.
and/or can be mixed with soda water & prosecco (garnish with edible flowers ;) Enjoy!

What do you love most about your Mum?
If I had a flower for each time I thought of my mother in this light, I could walk in my garden forever.

You can shop our Mother's Day collaboration here. 


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